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Plan How You Will Trade Forex


Hey guys its Brad again.  I will try to be more active on this blog and write more articles as my Forex career evolves.

Lets talk a bit how one should plan to trade Forex.

Forex trading plans are essential for trading success and there are many traders who do not have a trading plan or they tend to make their trading plan complicated.


What is a trading plan is and why do traders need one?

A trading plan can be a template for trading the markets, or a check list to help make things go smoother for traders. The check list will consist of each aspect of making a trade in a step by step order that acts like a guide for traders. A trading plan will state the overall short and long-term trading goals of a trader and it will provide them a check list. A Forex trading plan template can help you create your own unique plan to follow while trading, especially if you are a beginner and need to practice patience or discipline.

.A trading plan does not have to be really long or detailed. Traders who have have mastered a trading strategy will be able to combine the aspects of their trading method to components. Once this has been done, then the trader will have made their own check list or trading plan that will be their guide to decide if they should enter a trade or not. The plan can consist of words and pictures. Many traders become pros and make a good career that offers stability and a promising future. Even beginners can learn how to trade Forex for a living, but they must first begin by creating a trading plan to be successful at reaching their trading goals.

YouTube is an excellent place to learn trading for beginners. You can learn how to trade Forex by watching step by step videos. Professional traders make YouTube videos so beginners can learn. These videos are really helpful and useful. Learning how to trade Forex successfully is really simple if you learn patience and discipline.The main reason why traders need a Forex trading plan is because they need to know they do not trade based on their feelings. Trading can be a very exciting career, but if a trader does not follow a trading plan that helps them define trading over their actions, then they will most certainly start trading based on their feelings. This is also known as being a loser.

A trading plan can provide a trader many nice benefits like keeping you out of uncertain trades or trading in uncertain market conditions. This will also lessen the amount of losing trades. It can greatly improve your winning goals. There are quite a few traders who end up losing in the markets instead of learning to trade Forex like a professional, and the reason they do it is because they have not made their own trading plan. The best path to take for increasing your trade profits is to trade less, but with higher quality.


A trading plan will help a trader view the various components of effective Forex trading.


The Main Components of a Forex trading plan:

Components of a Forex trading plan, traders can add more to their plan but should never allow it to become too long or too complicated to follow.

  • Traders who begin a trading plan with a positive attitude.• Traders who list short-term and long-term goals in the trading markets.• Traders who define a trading strategy and ways of how they study and trade the markets.• Traders who define a money management strategy including the risks and rewards for each trade.
  • Listing the components to check the currency pair, trading time, news, events, and more.• Traders who check everything before entering a trade by asking themselves if the trade is right or wrong. • Traders who end their trading plan with positive affirmation.
  • Traders who make daily trading affirmations.
  • Traders who set trading goals, long-term or short-term.• Traders who follow a Forex trading strategy.

Traders should determine what condition the trading market is in and learn how to identify trending or consolidating trading markets . Traders should know how to identify the direction a market is moving and they should make trades going in that direction. For consolidating trade that are consolidating between a support and resistance level, then they can remind you of what you should look for.

Traders should determine the center daily support and resistance levels and then draw them on the charts. After it has been determined if the market is trending up, or down, or consolidating sideways, then draw in the center support and resistance levels on the chart.

These images are going to be the value areas for the price watch action strategies that will form near to trade back in the same direction of the dominant trade market or the consolidating market which will be towards the opposite boundary of the range. Traders should learn to watch for price action signals that form at different levels by making sure to trade obvious and confluent setups trades. Know exactly what price action strategies you will be using before you create your own trading plan will surely lead you to many successful trades. All traders should learn money management.


  • Traders should think of other considerations like currency pair, major pair, etc.

Learning how to build a Forex trading plan, how it should be structured and what kinds of components it contains can make you a good trader. By creating and using your own unique trading plan, it will allow you to achieve your goals faster than if you did not have one at all. You should stop trading if you do not have a trading plan. Would you want to run a business without a business plan in place?

You can start your own trading plan now to ensure that you use and follow it each time you begin trading with the market. It will work to help you reinforce every positive trading habit like patience, discipline, and other trading habits.

If you are a trader who has not mastered an effective Forex trading strategy like price action, then you should check price action Forex trading courses online or join a members’ community to help you get started. A trading plan is essential for traders learning how to trade Forex for beginners.

You can be a trader who has been trying to make a good living or a supplementary income through Forex trading, but have not succeeded. There are quite a few traders who have tried for a few years to learn Forex trading and some traders tried a wide array of systems or strategies, but they still lose. There are many traders that think they have not found a good trading system and their problems are they do not have a good trading strategy or a good trading plan, but they are very wrong. Many traders have had a few good trading systems, but they have learned how to make those trading systems work to make profits.


Being greedy is one of the most important reasons for failure in trading markets. These traders have not been a profitable Forex traders because they know more about being greedy than the trading game itself. These are the ones that are not aware of how greedy they really are. Greed is what controls and pushes them into making over-trades and they take the wrong positions. Everybody likes to work less and make more money. There are so many traders out there who would like to become a multi-millionaire trader in the shortest time of trading, but the main problem is they have a desire and cannot prevent themselves from thinking about getting rich. Being greedy in trading does not let you become profitable or even a successful Forex trader. If you begin your trading journey by over-trading and you take positions when there is nothing strong and or no sharp signals, or you take the position when its too late, then you know that you should wait for another trade setup, or if you make yourself trade every day when you don’t find a trade setup it can surely make you mad, guilty and very uncomfortable in your trading.


You can become really profitable when you learn to control your greediness. You should learn to ignore some positions or signals that don’t look strong. When you begin to pay attention to bad habits, then you will see that most of the bad positions you take are because you have not picked a strong signal. Trading and discipline go hand in hand. A good trading plan can remove bad decision making when you need it the most. Your feelings can really overtake you, especially when you know it is your money on the line and it can cause you to make very irrational decisions. You never want this to happen when you are trading the market. The Forex Calculator has one straight forward tab that handles all of your currency pairs and multiple trades all at once. You can change from one currency to another and all of your entered information is saved and reloaded when you return to using that currency.


You can easily display the chosen currency pair in four or five digits that will match your broker’s platform.The Forex trading plan calculator will help you learn the exact position size that you should use to keep your maximum loss. It does not matter how big your stop loss is or even which currency pair you are trading. The calculator is computed for each trade and is based on your risk profile settings and the exact pip value of the currency pair that you are trading, and the stop you have specifically set. By knowing this in advance will allow you to maximize your position size and even without taking on more risk than you intended to take on. It will also allow you to accurately reduce your position size when a stop loss is larger than your trade and will still be able to take the trade on with safety.


The Forex trading plan calculator is a Forex smart tool and traders can get this calculator online. It is really useful and helpful to beginner traders and helps them reach their trading goals faster and become more successful in trading the markets. You can now turn your trading into a very profitable business with the Forex Calculator along with the Trade Log and the Forex Tester. These are just three powerful, useful and helpful tools that are used by professional traders everyday. You can now learn just what it takes to make your online trading become even more successful and profitable. You can try all of these useful smart tools provided by Forex before you purchase them. If you are a beginner trader, then these tools are highly recommended. You should share what you have learned here with your online trader friends to help them prosper and succeed in trading too.


There are a broad range of markets including over fifty currency pairs, gold and silver with flexible trade sizes for better control over your trading.You can improve your trading with a reliable pricing trade execution. Forex is the only firm that proves successful with an Execution Scorecard. Traders can master the currency markets with using the FOREX Trader platform and FOREX mobile apps, or trade on the popular Meta Trader trading platform. These platforms can be found online at Forex.com. Traders can build their confidence in trading by subscribing to video tutorials, online guides, and Forex trading courses. These things are completely free of charge. When trading the market moves in your favor then there is trading technology that automatically passes the savings to you by executing your trade at a much better price.

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