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Trading The Forex Fractal

forex fractal

There are quite a few traders who believe that the markets are just random. But there are others that argue the prices may appear to be random, but they do follow a pattern in the form of trends. One basic way that traders may think trends is through the use of fractals. Fractals sometimes break down larger trends to the most easiest predictable reversal patterns. An explanation of what fractals are and how they may be applied to your Forex trading to enhance your profits will be explained here.

When traders think of fractals in accounting sense, they think of abstract math. Most traders look to fractals in a literal sense. As the recurring patterns predict reversals among larger price movements.

The basic fractals consist of five or more bars. The rules for finding fractals are:


  • A turning point happens when there is a pattern with the high in the middle and two lower highs on each side.
  • A turning point happens when there is a pattern with the low in the middle and two higher lows found on each side.


Like most of the Forex fractal trading indicators, fractals can best be used in the conjunction with other indicators or in some forms of analysis. The most common indicator used with fractals is the Alligator indicator. This is a very useful tool that used by moving averages that factor in the use of fractal geometry. A standard rule points to all buy rules are only valid if it falls below the alligator’s teeth which is the center average, and all sell rules are valid if they are above the alligator’s teeth. Here are a few things to remember when using fractals: Fractals are the lagging indicators. They are used as confirmation indicators to help show that a reversal just took place. The real time top and bottom can be combined with other trading techniques.

The longer the time period then the number of bars that may be required for a fractal, then the more reliable is the reversal. The longer the time period, then the lower the number of signals that are generated. Plotting fractals in multiple time frames and using them in combination with another is best. Only trade the short-term fractals that are used in the direction of long-term ones. The long-term fractals are more reliable than using the short-term fractals. The use of fractals in conjunction with other indicators is best. Fractals work best when used as decision support tools and not as the indicators on their own. Fractals are extremely powerful trading tools when they are used in the combination with the other indicators and techniques. The most common usage of fractals is with the Alligator indicator. Fractals do make an excellent decision support tool for most any trading method.


MetaTrader for Forex TradingTradeStation for equities through using a plug-in


The rule of The Forex Fractal is more than a trading strategy idea. It is truly the understanding of Forex price action and the trade flows at the fundamental level. A geometric pattern that is repeating at the smaller scales to produce the irregular shapes or surfaces that cannot be represented by using of classical geometry. The fractal being used will refer to area of price channel and combinations that are being observed by large numbers of Forex traders. It is the boundaries of the channels that are being observed by the Forex traders in the market, the ones that are forming levels of support and resistance.

Fractals form in a trend is that as the order flows created by the major market traders adjusting to a new bandwidth or price extent. The big Forex traders will usually be trading the currency pair between the two levels that are being represented by the top and bottom of the fractal, until the external factors will cause the price to move over the limits of the current fractal. Trading using the Forex fractal trading systemfractals is something you will continue to find rewarding in trading. Forex fractal trading strategiesare used in combination with other trading analysis tools and they can provide the most reliable signals to traders for helping them to buy and sell currencies.

The trading market is stable when it consists of traders or investors that are covering a large number of investments. This will ensure that there are enough liquidity for the traders.It is more related to the market sentiment and other technical factors in the short-term compared to the longer-term. As the investments continue to increase, then the longer-term fundamentals will usually dominate. The price changes will often reflect the info that is most important to the investments.

If a trading event happens that makes the validity of fundamentals questionable, then the long-term investors or traders can stop participating in the trade market or begin their trading based on the short-term info. If the investment of the trading market shrinks to a lower level, then the market will become unstable. There are no long-term traders or investors to help the stabilization of the market by giving liquidity to short-term trades.

Trade prices will reflect a unique combination of short-term trades and long-term fundamentals. The short-term price changes are much more likely to be more louder than the long-term trades. The main trend in the trading market will reflect the change in the fundamentals of the economic area. Some traders think that there is no reason to believe that the length of short-term trends are related to the long-term ones.

If a trade security has no ties to the cycle, then there will be no long-term trading trends. Trading of the liquidity and the short-term info will usually dominate. A Fractal is one of the five trading indicators of the Bill Williams trading system, which will allow traders to detect the bottom or the top. Fractal Technical Indicator is a complete series of five bars that are combined with the highest in the middle, and two lower highs found on both sides. The reversing set is a series of five bars, with the lowest lows in the middle, and two higher lows found on both sides, which will relate to the sell fractal. The fractals are have high and low trade values and are indicated with up and down arrows.

The trading fractal needs to be with the use of the Alligator indicator. You should never close a buy transaction method, especially if the fractal is found lower than the Alligator’s Teeth indicator then you should never close a sell transaction. If the fractal is higher than the Alligator’s Teeth indicator, then the fractal signal has been made and is in force, which is found by its position located beyond the Alligator’s Mouth indicator, it will remain a signal until it gets stopped, or until a recent fractal signal will soon emerge. The trading fractal really works on any pair and with any time-frame. Most traders like to use the fractal lines indicator which comes with the Dukascopy JForex and this is what makes it easier to detect and analyze when trading with fractals. Traders should not enter in on every trade they see. You should always wait for those with a small stop loss. It is really a G=good low risk reach on the Chaos Theory trading system.

Like with any area of online trading, the use of automated and semi-automated trading options need caution in implementing. If you as a trader or investor have been thinking of using trading robots, trading signals or even account managers, then you will certainly need to practice the methods. There is a very wide spread of trading qualities that are found across all three of the approaches. Some trading robots, one is known as the Kangaroo who have performed great, while others such as Forex Growth Bot have really proved to be somewhat of a great disappointment in these recent trading times.

With the respect given to the signals service providers and the managed account funds. If you would like to take the trading subject further, then you can go to the parts of the site that have been devoted to Forex Signals, Forex Robots, or Forex Managed Accounts to get more info, see charts or graphs, read reviews and ratings, and more. Fractals are trading indicators found on the candlestick charts that help to identify the reversal points in the trading market. Traders will often use the fractals to get an idea about the accurate direction of the price that will develop. A fractal will usually form when a certain price pattern occurs on a trading chart.

Fractals are the trading indicators that are found on the candlestick charts that help to identify reversal points in the trade market.The pattern consists of five candles and the pattern points where the price is climbing to go higher, in which the fractal will appear or lower, in the case of a down fractal appearing. Successful trading in the financial market is often surrounded by a certain amount of myths, because there is no one single formula that traders rely on for trading successfully. The positive attitude to trading successfully in the trading market is not different than the attitude that is required for swimming. By blending the perfect analysis with very effective implementation, the your trading success rate will drastically improve and, like many skilled trade sets, then good trading can come from a combination of your trading talent, concentration and hard work.

Before you start your online trading, then you should recognize the great value of preparing correctly. The first step is to line up your personal trade goals with the instruments and trade markets that you can relate to. If you know something about marketing, the you should look to trade retail compared to oil stocks. The time frame will indicate the type of trading that is best for you. Trading off of a five-minute chart will suggest that you are in a good position without being exposed to the overnight risk. By you choosing weekly charts will indicate a good trade with overnight risk and positive thought in seeing some days go wrong to your trading position.

If you have the time to sit in front of a computer screen all day or if you would like to do your own research in trading strategies, then you can make a trading decision for the up and coming week based on your own findings. The opportunity to make profit money in the trading markets will require some time. Short-term scalping means trading the small profits or losses and you will have to trade more consecutively. Once you have learned what to expect from your trading system, then you will have learned the patience to wait for the price to reach certain levels that your trading system indicates for the point of entry or the point of exit. If your trading system indicates that an entry at a certain level has occurred but the market never reached it, then you should move on to the next trading opportunity. Take your time in trading without rushing and soon you will see your profits adding up.

Every trader or investor will soon learn and determine the right trading strategy that works best for them. Today online trading using the many Forex strategies, methods, and technologies are leading the way, saving traders time, money and hassles combined. If you think that trading the Forex fractal is not good for you, then there are many other great trading strategies for you to try. Being comfortable and knowing what works best for you with online trading will help you to accomplish much in trading. You are aiming more for profit, not losses.

By learning good discipline then you will be learning the ability to be patient until your trading system triggers an excellent action point. The price action will not reach your expected price point sometimes. It is then that you must have the discipline to believe in your trading system and not to assume things with it. Discipline is the ability to stop when your system will indicate you to do so. This is true for stop losses in trading.

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